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Here are some things I'm learning as I build things with PWS:

1.31 PWS does not do snapshots hourly. This has been commented out in PWS(class)>>loopOnPort:loggingTo:. Note: It may not be a good idea to reimplement it! Doing snapshots while the server is running has lead to some strange file errors.

On NTs, you have to start the server at a high port number, like 8080. It'll fail if started at port 80.

The choice between creating a ServerAction that acts like a CGI (like in the Chat example) or using SinglePlugServerAction is a hard one. What I find myself doing is to create a ServerAction if I'm going to want many of those (e.g., different Chat pages), or whether I just want to use class methods to do the processing (like in Comment), which lends itself to a SinglePlugServerAction.

I've been trying to create domain classes entirely separate from my CGI stuff, then patch in a little CGI to make it all work. The Comment example is an example of that.

When to use methods that generate pages versus using embedded Smalltalk? In general, I'm using embedded Smalltalk for everything because it's so convenient. But it is slower. How much slower, I don't know. It hasn't been a problem for me yet. If it does, I'll probably move to generating the pages I want.

Georg has pointed out to me that users may not like having the multiple passwords that multiple Authorizers implies as possible. You may want to have only one instance of Authorizer, and deal with all usernames and passwords globally in your ServerActions. So far, I like having multiple user lists, but I've only just started to use them.

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