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Learn about recent events at the Aware Home. Our first newsletter update about recent events and research. (3/5/2005)

Concord Monitor article
Feeling bored, disconnected? Get thee to the Internet
Technology may be the key to vitality
Dr. Elizabeth Mynatt is quoted in an article about technology and aging individuals.

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) Offers Interesting First Person Account of Capitol Hill Experience (8/1/2004)
Download a PDF of the August HFES bulletin. HFES President Wendy Rogers (an Aware Home faculty member) presented her data, with student Anne McLaughlin, earlier this summer at a science exhibition honoring the NSF.

Another account of the Capitol Hill event from The Federation of Behaviorial, Psychological, and Cognitive Sciences.

Georgia Tech Research News (5/6/04)
Aging in Place with Technology: Study Reveals Older Adults will Sacrifice Some Privacy to Remain in their Homes Longer
Younger adults might cringe at the thought of being monitored in their homes by technology. Yet a new study from the Georgia Institute of Technology indicates that older adults are willing to give up some privacy -- if it enables them to remain independent longer.

Georgia Institute of Technology: GVU News (11/12/03)
Governors Get Hands-on Experiences at Aware Home
Governor Dirk Kempthorne, Governor for the State of Idaho, and Governor Sonny Perdue, Governor for the State of Georgia, visited the Aware Home on Nov. 7, 2003, to experience hands-on demonstrations of the GVU Center Aware Home Research Initiative's latest technologies designed to promote independent and healthy aging.

Seniors USA (Fall 2003)
"A 'Smart' Home, to Avoid the Nursing Home"

Statment by Dr. Gregory Abowd to the Senate Special Committee on Aging (May 20, 2003)
"Baby Boomers at the Gate: Enhancing Independence Through Innovation and Technology"

"New Research Aimed at Helping Seniors Stay in Their Homes Longer"

Georgia Institute of Technology: Innovations (12/1/01)
"Exploring the Home of the Future". This material was prepared by the Institute of Communicatons and Pulic Affairs (ICPA) at Georgia Tech. For access to materials at this site, please contact ICPA directly.

mpulse: a cooltown magazine (9/1/2001)
"home, smart home"
Welcome to the Aware Home at Georgia Tech - a house so astute, it can practically read your mind.

TechTV News (6/1/2001)
"'Smart House' Keeps Tabs on Far-off Family" by Maria Godoy

Daily University Science News (5/1/2000)
"Ubiquitous Computing Tested In Residential Laboratory"

Georgia Institute of Technology: Press Release (4/28/2000)
"Constantly Connected" by John Toon and Jane Sande


The Providence Journal (9/1/2004)
"Computerized homes may help elderly stay put" A discussion of some of the proposed aware home services and their potential benefits to older adults.

Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine (Winter 2003)
"Home, Sweet, Smart, Sensible, Home" An update on research activities at the Aware Home.

The New York Times - Circuits Section (4/5/2001)
"A 'Smart' Home, to Avoid the Nursing Home" By Anne Eisenberg.

Scientific American (11/20/2000)
"As we may live" by W. Wayt Gibbs

Atlanta Journal Constitution, Atlanta Tech Section (5/10/2000)
"A digital home sweet home", by Ernest Holsendolph

Research Horizons, The Research Magazine of Georgia Institute of Technology. (Winter 2000)
"Sensing the Subtleties of Everyday Life" by Jane Sanders

The Atlanta Business Chronicle (10/18/2000)
"High-tech home is habitat for 'lifestyle computing'", by Brian Moran.


CBS Early Show with Melinda Murphy (5/4/2006)
Young at Heart - Synopsis: Georgia Tech's Aware Home uses technology to make it easier for seniors to live independently.

11Alive News with Donna Lowry (4/26/2006)
Kids & Schools: "Ga. Tech Tests Aware Home"
Content: Bufferware and Abaris - Home technologies to help parents or therapists of children with developmental disabilities.

11Alive News with Donna Lowry (4/25/2006)
Kids & Schools: "Autism Teachers Get High-Tech Help"
Content: Carelog, school technology to help teachers record behavior of children with developmental disabilities.

NBC Today Show with Katie Couric (3/19/2002)
Forever Young Series- "Help for Independent Living"

ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings (5/23/2001)
"Universal Design, Getting a Head Start on Preparing Your Home for When You Retire" By Deborah Amos

ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings (3/11/2001)
"Enveloped in Technology" [Covering ACM 01].

ABC News Good Morning America (5/11/2000)
Good Morning America's Science Editor Michael Guillen shows us how technology is creating the smart home for the future.
"Joining the Jetsons"



NPR's Morning Edition (8/15/01)
"Techno-houses" (real audio file)

Additional Resources: Video (from Innovations CD-ROM)

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