Context Toolkit Update - 02/24/00

This is an update to the Context Toolkit distribution. This update is mostly a maintenance update. Below are the list of changes and files contained in the update file.


  1. Addition of the SimpleApp class. This was left out of the original distribution by accident. This class is referred to in the installation guide. Add and SimpleApp.class to the context\apps\PersonPresenceApp directory.
  2. Modification of the HTTPServerSocket class. There was some test code that should have been commented out before it went in the distribution, so this was fixed. Add and HTTPServerSocket.class to the context\arch\comm\protocol directory.
  3. Modification of the Widget class. The update is to deal with the Global Time Clock problem listed in the Known Bugs/Problems section of the online tutorial. Add and Widget.class to the context\arch\widget directory.
  4. Addition of the OffsetThread class to help deal with #3 above. Add and OffsetThread.class to the context\arch\widget directory.
  5. Addition of the ntp.jar package to help deal with #3 above. ntp.jar is a 3rd party jar file that is free to use and distribute under GPL. Unzip the included file, and add the ntp.jar file to your <JavaRuntimeEnvironment_DIRECTORY>\lib\ext directory.
  6. The online javadocs and installation guide have been updated to reflect these changes


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Last Modified: February 24, 2000
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