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Sorry, this web page is way out of date. I'm no longer at Georgia Tech, but am a researcher for a new Intel Research lab in Berkeley, CA. When I find some time (hopefully soon), I'll update all of this.

Some Upcoming Workshops and Conferences!

CHI 2001 Workshop on Distributed and Disappearing User Interfaces in Ubiquitous Computing

UM 2001 Workshop on User Modeling for Context-Aware Applications

Ubicomp 2001

Well, I finally graduated - I've got my PhD! Woohoo! Finally!

But... I'm still at Georgia Tech. I'm staying on for a semester as a Research Scientist, continuing my thesis research. At the same time, I'm actively searching for a job, both academic and industrial research-related.

I do research in an area called context-aware computing and am part of a research group called the Ubiquitous Computing Group, formerly known as the Future Computing Environments (FCE) group. The FCE group has now grown to encompass 6 faculty members, including my advisor and friend, Gregory Abowd, and many, many students.

My interests are in the area of human-computer interaction, ubiquitous computing and context-awareness.
I have spent the past 5 years doing research in context-awareness, working on:

As I mentioned earlier,  I am looking for a job. If you know of a good opportunity, let me know. Here's a link to my resume (html, pdf version), which includes a list of my publications.

At CHI 2001 in Seattle, Washington (March 31 - April 5, 2001), there will be a workshop on the topic of Distributed and Disappearing User Interfaces in Ubiquitous Computing. The workshop organizers are myself, Peter Ljundstrand and Albrecht Schmidt. For more information, see the workshop web page.

At User Modeling 2001 in Sonthofen, Germany (July 13-17, 2001), there will be a workshop on the topic of User Modelling for Context-Aware Applications. The workshop organizers are Marcus Specht and Tom Gross. I am a member of the program committee. For more information, see the workshop web page.

Ubicomp 2001 will be held in Atlanta, GA (September 30 - October 2, 2001). Full papers are due on April 13, 2001, with Technical Notes and Workshop Proposals due May 25, 2001. I am the Workshops and Technical Notes Chair. For more information, see the conference web page.

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