How would you write papers or programs if you couldn't type? Current input technology is limited and slow, especially when a keyboard is not available, or unusable. PenDragon is a system and environment built to support the tasks of entry, navigation and modification for users in impoverished input environments.
The Big Picture: Our problem and approach to solving it
Jen Mankoff, Gregory Abowd and John Goldthwaite are all involved in this project at various levels.
Pictures and descriptions of the input devices, working environment, and software which have come out of the PenDragon project. Here's where pieces of the project that might be useful in other settings can be downloaded or tried out.
  • Cirrin, a circular soft keyboard.
  • Publications
    Jennifer Mankoff and Gregory D. Abowd.
    Cirrin: A word-level unistroke keyboard for pen input.
    In Proceedings of UIST '98. Technical note. pp.213-214
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