This is the homepage of FOO

What is FOO, you ask??

What does FOO stand for?

Truth, Justice, and the American Way? Naah...too cheesy. Howabout The Inalienable Right to Recurse?

I mean the acronym, stupid!!

Oh! FOO: FOO Of Oberlin

Official rights

Official responsibilities

Official motto

The FOO, the Proud, the FOO

Official FOO(d)

My vote is for pizza. Any others? What about OHenry burgers? oh, yeah...

Official decision making process


Official FOO telethon spokesperson

Arnold Schwarzeneggar. "Hello. I am Ahnolt. Welcome to FOO-Thon '94."

Official FOO fan club

The FOO-Manchu Society. (We also have many admirers in the Bursar's Office.)

Official FOO operating system

FOOnix, a new version of unix, where all commands are self referential. It saves lots of space that way.

Official FOO discriminatory policies

No one with a race, creed, religion, or lack thereof may be a member of FOO. Also, we do not admit people with physical abilities.

Official FOO Yoghurt Splorter

The Ronco (tm) Yoghurt Splorter

Oh, and what is CHURCH?

CHURCH is the Religious wing of FOO.

What does CHURCH stand for? ... the acronym!

It stands for CHurch of Universally Recursive CHurch.

What are its religious views?

They are the same religious views as those of CHURCH.

Uhuh. And what types of religious activities does CHURCH hold?

Well, there is the almost daily blowing of the tubes (3 long blasts on the three Holy Trumpets of FOO) There is also the ritual of rituals which only occurs every 10 years. And we held it last tuesday, so it won't happen again for another 10 years.

Okay, so how do i join?

On a moonless night, at midnight, sacrifice a sacred gnu of Borf, and smear its blood on your left earlobe. Then, while standing on your tongue with your left foot, repeat the following words n times: "My, this foot tastes nasty." Only then will the sacred writings be revealed to you... (Or you could just read this page and add yourself to the membership list.) Some other information and projects which relate to FOO:
FOO,,,,,,,,,, tbrowne@Thuban.AC.HMC.Edu,,