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Carnegie Mellon Intelligent Workplace (pdf) Entire building floor. Thoughtful integration of architecture, psychology, & information systems. New Article, Metropolis 11/98
Carnegie Mellon Vision & Autonomous Systems Center A large group within CMU Robotics Institute.
Columbia University - Biosphere 2 The most complicated environment constructed by man.
MIT AI Lab: Intelligent Room Updated since with HAL.
MIT AI Lab: HAL Speech recognition & computer vision interfaces.
MIT Media Lab: KidsRoom Interactive narrative playspace for children. Images + lighting + sound + computer vision.
Bill Mitchell, MIT Architecture Dean Writes extensively about the role of technology in the built environment.
Oberlin the new Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies
RISD Universal Kitchen an ongoing collaboration between RISD, Frigidaire, and Fraunhofer-IGD Rostock + Philly news story
Interactive Workspaces A project of Stanford's Computer Graphics Group
U Colorado: Adapative House Sensor-based neural nets engage home owners for control over basic comfort systems like heat, hot water.
University of Miami School of Architecture - New Urbanism New Urbanism is the architecture movement behind places like Seaside FL, the place in The Truman Show.
U. Michigan/Eliot Soloway Projects The two also collaborated on a similar education-oriented project, Learning about Breathing in Detroit Public Schools
UVa, Bill McDonough - Sustainable Design Sustainable design is an architecture & design movement that stresses zero environmental impact.
Compaq Kitchen Sink Strategy As outlined by company CEO at 1998 Fall Comdex.
Honeywell Technology Center leader in control systems
IBM Home Director add'l PC World and MSNBC coverage
Intel's Applications & Content Architecture Lab recent San Jose Mercury News article
Intel Connected Car PC A detailed description of one of the most sophisticated multi-user digital environments around.
Microsoft Research: EasyLiving Vision-based interfaces for "self-aware" computers assisting tasks within living spaces.
UK Wired Neighborhood Experiment a Microsoft project covered in NY Times, 10/13/98
NCR Networked Microwave. Also new from Japan, see Cyberfridge & Security Systems.
Olivetti Overview Active Badge continues - most impressive prototype: smart coffee machine.
Philips VoF - HomeLife Futuristic, design-oriented perspectives on future home living filled with electronic consumer products.
Sega GameWorks Maximum digital location based entertainment.
Steelcase Pathways July 98 article describing one state of the art office furniture system. Also, the Steelcase corp page.
Symbol Technologies Wireless Hospital Digital environment designed to improve care across entire sections of hospitals.
Toshiba new gesture recognition research
Xerox PARC: PARCTAB Handheld devices put to use in a wireless office setting.
Xerox PARC: Ubiquitous Computing Mark Weiser's page dates to 1996.
Xerox PARC: ZombieBoard Sophisticated whiteboard scanner employing computer vision.
Smaller Companies
Correctional Management, Inc. Software solutions for managing parolees in halfway houses.
The Doblin Group Chicago consulting firm, see briefs on current research into food, www.futureoffood.com, past research into homelife.
Interval Research Demographic & lifestyle surveys enable them to have more realistic, but still futuristic digital prototypes.
IS Robotics Rodney Brooks' robot company.
Rockwell Group Architects responsible for Planet Hollywood restaurants & other high profile environments.
Savoy Automation IBM partner, makers of CyberHouse
SMART ambitious home automation company, check the May 98 WSJ article
US Government
Mark Tilden/Los Alamos - BEAM Robots Wired Magazine article
NASA Ames Autonomous Systems Group Robot filled environments.
Magazine Articles
Metropolis May 98 article on unique materials applied to environments with great effect.
PC Magazine special new technologies article - 'Computing in the New Milennium'
PC Magazine Pundit describe home networking futures.
  IDC IDC/CNN Market research brief on digital home technology.
Internet Resources
1998 Industrial Design Excellence Awards Designer's picks as the best recent Environmental Designs.
Asian Sources more electronic gadgets than you could shake a stick at
comp.home.automation newsgroup
eDesign State of Fla sponsored site describing Best Practices in Design & Planning
Electronic House web version of the magazine
hometoys.com also see www.x10.com and www.mastervoice.com
Integrated Homes  
Material Connexion Internet resource on new, technologically advanced materials.
New Home Network on-line listing of thousands of newly constructed homes
Media + Trade Shows
25 Products Forbes Magazine picks 25 revolutionary chip-based new products.
Computer Chronicles, 2/10/98 show on Home Design Software
Digital Living Room Conf Takes place in June, 1999.
Martha Stewart Take a virtual tour of her television studio kitchen
MTV Real World Set Design A living space created for full fledged television production.
Automotive Multimedia Interface Consortium SUN led group, San Jose Mercury News article, 10/19/98
CEBus Industrial Council called the 'CIC', they have created the PlugLab at the Purdue campus in Indianapolis, IN
Fire Wire A brief explanation of the potential standard.
Home Networking API group cnet article, 10/12/98
Home RF Consortium Pushing for the SWAP Specification Version 1.0.