Future Computing Environments

Future Computing Environments Seminar

CS 8011

Thursdays 4:30-6:00pm in CoC 102


General information

This quarter, we are focussing on the theme of future computing in the home. The reason for this is that we are in the process of building a home with funding from the Georgia Research Alliance and the Broadband Telecommunications Center.


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Date Topic/leader Materials
9/24 Introductions
Gregory Abowd
10/1 Update on the house
Chris Atkeson
10/8 Related work
Brad Stenger
Smart Homes Web pointers
10/15 Update on the house
Chris Atkeson
Video, House Specifications
10/22 What is an aware environment?
Irfan Essa
11/5 GCATT lecture
Don Norman
In GCATT Auditorium, 4:30-6
11/12 Distributed systems interest
Mustaque Ahamad
11/19 Wireless networking
Mary Ann Ingram (ECE)
Joy Laskar
ECE wireless research group
12/3 Jini
Anind Day and Daniel Salber
Jini info from JavaSoft
12/10 Dream House movie
Gregory Abowd
Floor plan

General Information

Readings will either be included on this page as links or will be made available during the Tuesday seminar the prior week.

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