Future Computing Environments

Future Computing Environments Seminar

CS 8001 B

Wednesdays 12:05-12:55 pm in CCB 102


General information

This quarter's Future Computing Environments Seminar Series will provide an opportunity to learn about the variety of research efforts that go on under the umbrella organization of the Future Computing Environments Group. Talks during the semester will include overviews of subgroups within FCE (CPL, ECL, AEL, CCG, Ubicomp), practice talks for various confernce presentations, and focussed discussions based on readings.


Date Topic/Leader Comments / Notes
8/22 Introduction / Abowd FCE Home Page
8/29 Jim Rehg's research Jim's Web page
9/5 Faculty Overviews:
Starner (CCG), Essa/Bobick (CPL)
9/12 Faculty Overviews:
Abowd (Ubicomp), MacIntyre (AEG), Mynatt (ECL)
9/19 Ubicomp 2001 practice talks:
Truong, Nagel, Richter
9/26 ISWC practice talks: Lyons
10/3 The Computer Science of Everyday Things
Harold Thimbleby (United Kingdom)
10/10 UGa Classroom video project
Ken Hay
10/17 Sensing and Privacy
Gregory Abowd
Kyllo v. United States Supreme Court opinion
(search on Kyllo on this page)
10/24 Responsive Environments
Sha Xin-Wei (LCC)
Topological Media Lab
10/31 Privacy and Ubicomp Ubicomp 2001 paper, by Marc Langheinrich
11/7 No Seminar
GVU Showcase
11/14 No meeting
11/21 Privacy tutorial
Thad Starner
11/28 Privacy (cont'd)
Colin Potts
Ubicomp 2001 paper, by Marc Langheinrich
12/5 Ubicomp challenges Edwards and Grinter Ubicomp 2001 paper

General Information

Readings will either be included on this page as links or will be made available a week in advance.

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