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The general focus this quarter is on adaptation and learning in user interfaces and programs. I eschew the word "agent".

We are using the Classroom 2000 technology on the Newton in this seminar.

Sources of Potential Readings

Check out Adaptive User Interfaces Class 8113d, Fall 94

The papers from last week's AAAI Spring Symposium on Machine Learning in Information Access

Adaptive User Interfaces
Principles and Practice
Edited by M. Schneider-Hufschmidt, T. Kuhme & U. Malinowski
North Holland 1993
Proceedings of the 1993 International Workshop on 
Intelligent User Interfaces
January 4-7, 1993
Orlando, Florida
ACM Press
Special issue on "Intelligent Agents"
Communications of the ACM
Vol. 37, Number 7. 
July 1994
Intelligent Agents
Theories, Architectures, and Languages
Edited by Michael Wooldridge and Nicholas R. Jennings
Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in AI - Volume 890
Published January 1995 (Europe), April 1995 (USA)

webdoggie Maes/MIT Media Lab.

firefly (MIT Maes, Ringo -> Homer -> Firefly).

Letizia: An Agent That Assists Web Browsing
Lieberman/MIT Media Lab.

WebWatcher: A Learning Apprentice for the World Wide Web
CMU: Armstrong, Freytag, Joachims and Mitchell 95

NewsWeeder II


Learning Agents for Information Filtering/Gathering
D P Bayer, C L Green, R Mackenzie, T R Payne & P Edwards

Learning Information Retrieval Agents: Experiments with Automated Web Browsing
Stanford: Balabonovic and Shoham 95

Accelerating Browsing by Automatically Inferring a User's Search Goal.
Drummond, Holte, and Ionescu 93

A Learning Apprentice For Browsing
Holte and Drummond 93

A Softbot-Based Interface to the Internet
[Etzioni and Weld 94]

Category Translation: Learning to Understand Information on the Internet
[Perkowitz and Etzioni 95]

Software Agents: Completing Patterns and Constructing User Interfaces
Jeffrey C. Schlimmer (schlimmer@eecs.wsu.edu) and Leonard A. Hermens (hermens@cps.gonzaga.edu)

Interesting systems

The PointCast Network

Aqui system: Lets users make links on pages they do not own. For an example of its use, see Spring 96 Hypermedia design course.




Chris Atkeson


Modeling User Preferences
Sue Long and Chris Atkeson


Web Browsing Agents




Adaptive Systems in Educational Context
Nick Sawhney



How can we extend mail readers and web browsers?
Andy Wood



Future Computing in the home
Jen Mankoff


General Information

Readings will either be included on this page as links or will be made available each week on the file cabinet behind Gwen Baker's desk (264 CoC).

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