How I Fell in Love with Computing

Feb. 13, 2016

In honor of Valentine's Day, the College of Computing has decided to celebrate something we all share -- the love of computing! 

We asked students -- undergraduate, on-campus graduate, OMS CS, and Ph.D. candidates -- as well as faculty, staff and alumni why they fell in love with computing and their answers inspired us, motivated us, made us laugh and make us even more excited to share our love of computing with the world! 

We decided to create a space, below, that would house a live stream of some of your thoughts about the reasons that you study and do what you do. We'd love to hear your story and why you fell in love with computing. If you'd like to share, please email Brittany Aiello or David Mitchell and you may find your story on social media or this wall of "How I Fell In Love with Computing" -- because we're excited to celebrate your passion for CS this Valentine's Day!


I fell in love with computing at the age of 8 when my father bought a "Laser 50" computer for me. This "computer" was little more than a keyboard,  a 16 character display, and a trivial amount of memory. It came with a book containing some sample programs that could be typed in, one line at a time.  Using that book (and lots of time), I taught myself how to program in Basic and how to do simple debugging.  I've been in love with computing ever since. -Kyle Miller, OMS CS student

Being able to tell the computer what to do, and modifying the source of games written in Atari Basic blew my mind and my world. While every kid in school had a Nintendo (the 80's), my dad brought home a programmable Atari 130XE. -Romeo Cabrera, OMS CS student

I fell in love with computing in high school when my friend founded a programming club. It fell apart very quickly but that was where I was first introduced to Java and programming. I really like the feel of having started with a blank text editor and having built something. To be able to point to something and say, ‘I made that.’ I also really like the problem-solving aspect. To get stuck on something and then figure it out and finish up anyway. -Albert Morlan, Alumni, Employee at BazaarVoice

I fell in love with computing because I love technology. Technology is robust. It’s innovative and it continues to grow, and there are continuous opportunities and places for people in computer science to get a job. -Anisha Bhandari , M.S. HCI

I got into computing as a kid when my dad bought us the Apple computer. … In those days they used to be really expensive and really big and really slow. But my dad wanted us to have access to that, to know what the new things are. That’s when I got hooked. I would do stuff with it, I would break it, mess something up and my dad would spend hours fixing it. -Ishbir Singh, B.S. CS