College of Computing Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Since its founding in 1990, the College of Computing has produced more than 12,000 alumni and has advanced computing education around the world. Through the years, the College has benefitted from the support of alumni, faculty and friends, which has been instrumental to our success.

The College of Computing Hall of Fame seeks to recognize those alumni, faculty, and friends who have contributed significantly to our advancement and reputation through the years. We intend to recognize the impact of members of our community on the world of computing and computing education.

To that end, individuals inducted into the Hall of Fame will meet one or more of the criteria below:

  1. Professional or academic pioneer
    • Recognized by technical organizations at a high level (e.g., IEEE or ACM fellow)
    • Significant technical impact through influential technical publications or patents in the Computing field
    • Successful faculty member at a University with emphasis on significant research, teaching, service, or administration
    • Served at the senior management level in a large corporation or research institution
  2. Entrepreneurial spirit
    • Founded a successful technology business
    • Played a key role in the development of successful technology business/es
    • Recognized by a national community organization for impact
    • Participated at a leadership level in a nationally recognized community service organization

Graduates of Georgia Tech should be a minimum of 10 years removed from their graduation date. Friends and faculty nominees should demonstrate significant sustained support of the College of Computing and Georgia Tech. The College will accept posthumous nominations.

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Nominee Accomplishments

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  • A one page summary of the nominee’s accomplishments and the reason(s) they should be recognized.
  • Any additional materials you would like to submit for review
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