B.S. Computer Science - Core Requirements

No matter which threads you choose, there are some common requirements defined by the Board of Regents and necessary for ABET accreditation. They include mathematics, humanities, social sciences, and lab sciences as well as wellness, ethics and capstone courses.

Requirements are usually expressed in hours. For example, there are twelve (12) required hours for social sciences; however, the Institute also specifies which social sciences classes are eligible. For example, The Board of Regents requires that one of such class be a legislative class. Further requirements may come from the College of Computing. For example, all students must take at least one Physics course as a part of the requirements for a lab science. Finally, individual threads may have their own requirements. For example, the Intelligence thread requires that at least one of your social science classes be a psychology course. Details on specific requirements can be found under the requirements for each thread.

There are also free electives. You can use them to take a class you've always wanted to take for no reason other than you want to take it. Of course you may also choose to use those hours to take additional CS courses or courses recommended by your Thread, or other Threads.

Core Course Requirements


ENG 1101 English Comp I

ENG 1102 English Comp II

Six (6) additional hours of Humanities


MATH 1551 Differential Calculus

MATH 1552 Integral Calculus

MATH 1554 Linear Algebra

MATH 2550 Intro to Multivariable Calculus

MATH 3012 Applied Combinatorics

MATH 3215 Intro to Probability and Statistics (can also use MATH 3670 or ISYE/CEE 3770 or ISYE 2027 + ISYE 2028)

Lab Sciences

Three (3) Lab Sciences chosen from: PHYS 2211, PHYS 2212, EAS 1600, EAS 1601, EAS 2600, CHEM 1310, CHEM 1211K, CHEM 1212K, BIO 1220, BIO 1510, BIO 1520.

*one class must be PHYS 2211, and you must choose two in a sequence (for example, PHYS 2211 & 2212 or BIO 1510 & 1520).

Social Sciences

HIST 2111 or 2112, POL 1101, PUBP 3000, or INTA 1200

Nine (9) additional hours of Social Sciences


APPH 1040 or 1050 Wellness

Junior Design & Technical Writing CS 3311 with LMC 3432 and CS 3312 with LMC 3431

CS 4001 Computing & Society or CS 4002 Robots & Society