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Affiliation: Computer Science PhD student at the School of Interactive Computing part of the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. Previously at the Autonomous Robotics Labratory in the Department of Computer Science at George Mason University.
Research: Multiagent Systems, Machine Learning, Computer Vision.
Lab website:
CV: cv (8/28/2013)

CS7495 - Fall '11

Learning Portfolio

CS6601 - Spring '11

Learning Portfolio

Dead Simple ANN

A simple implementation of the Perceptron and a Feed-Forward Two-Layer ANN. A tarball of the whole thing is here. If you just need the source code, the header file is ann.h, the implementation is ann.c, and here is an example of how to use it. You need some data for it to run, which has this nice vizualization.

Dead Simple PSO

A simple implementation of the Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm, as described in this book: Essentials of Metaheuristics. A tarball of the three files is here, the well documented header file is pso.h, the implementation is pso.c, and here is an example of how to use it. Real test problems and data with visualizations to follow.

Some Slides

on RNNs
on using PSO for motion planning