Simply adjusting the layout of your work environment (height of your chair, position of your monitor, etc.) can greatly improve your work environment and reduce the risk of RSI and related injuries. Please see the ergonomic guidelines for arranging a computer workstation from Cornell University.

The following items are available to borrow (for free) for up to one month from the GSC RSI Lending Library. If you find that the device you borrowed is helpful, you should ask your advisor to purchase it for you. The approximate cost of each device is listed in the table. To borrow any of these devices, please contact Jiajia Li (jiajiali@gatech) to arrange a pickup time. Devices are located in Lab 1201 in the Klaus building, and borrowers are responsible for picking up and returning them.

To request a device please fill out this form to be added to the waiting list. If the device is available, you will be able to pick it up within a day or two. If the device is checked out, you'll be added to the waiting list and you'll have first priority when the device is returned. Overdue items will be recalled immediately if there is interest from a new borrower.

Equipment Inventory: