About Me

I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science at Georgia Intitute of Technology (GeorgiaTech) studying computational co-creativity in playful human behaviour. My Ph.D. advisor is Dr. Brian Magerko. I recently completed an M.S. in Computer Science from GeorgiaTech as well, specializing in Interactive Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a cognitive basis and interactive application. Over the course of my schooling at GeorgiaTech I have obtained experience in cognitive science, advanced game AI techniques, AI narrative techniques in virtual worlds, AI usage in expressive media, knowledge based AI and design of games.

My research has focused on computational creativity and I have worked mainly with Dr. Brian Magerko (Adaptive Digital Media Lab) as well as with Dr. Ashok Goel (Design Intelligence Lab) in the past in related areas. My work with Dr. Magerko has focused on studying co-creativity and computationally modelling co-creative processes in improvisational acting and playful human behaviour. With Dr. Goel, I worked on studying meta-thinking as a fundamental component of creativity in self-adapting game agents.

I am interested in researching computational creativity because I believe that studying and computationally modelling creativity in artificially intelligent agents will not only enable the creation of smarter, more human-like agents but also help understand human creativity as well. Understanding creativity is also important to me, as there are many domains where creative AI agents could support or assist novices, such as filmmaking, design and artistic creation. I am also interested in studying the role of emotion, social cognition and cognitive blending in human creativity.

Outside of research, I am a big fan of progressive and experimental metal. I love Karaoke and collaborate with other musicians through an Internet band as drummer and vocalist. I also love to travel around the world to explore exotic, gourmet foods. I recently attended a summer school on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) in Reykjavik, Iceland where I was fortunate enough to sample cutting edge AGI systems and whale meat steaks in equal measure.

Mikhail Jacob

Mikhail Jacob
Ph.D. Computer Science
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