RoboCup 2008

RoboCup 2008 Standard Platform League

This was a joint GT/CMU team under advisors Tucker Balch and Manuela Veloso that worked with the humanoid Nao Robot coming in 2nd out of 19 teams. I was in charge of implementing communication and motion planning.

Nao humanoid robot

As you can see, we almost scored the first goal by any Nao in RoboCup history! We missed by centimeters!

first goal of any nao in 
RoboCup history!

The members of GTCMUnited'08 working late hours.

GTCMUnited08 working late

I was in the zone preparing before a match.

Me setting up before a match

A picture taken with 1st place NUManoids 2008 and 2nd place GTCMUnited'08 after the final game.

NUManoids 2008 and 
GTCMUnited08 after 
the final match