Natesh Srinivasan


I am 5th year PhD Student at the Robotics and Intelligent Machines Group.

I work in the intersection area of Computer Vision and Robotics. I am working towards a thesis on semantic segmentatation of large point clouds from RGB-D data. My advisor is Prof. Frank Dellaert. I am also being co-advised by Prof. Irfan Essa I have worked on several interesting projects before including building a GPU accelerated version of Basis Flows for high speed autonomous navigation.

In the past I have also worked with Prof. Ronald Arkin on the Bio-Inspired navigation project funded by the Office of Naval research.

When I don't have my thinking hat on, I like to dive, climb and ride motocycles.

I can be reached at natesh DOT srinivasan AT gatech DOT edu

Selected Publications

Structural Symmetries from Motion for Scene Reconstruction and Understanding, British Machine Vision Conference, 2015

Natesh Srinivasan, Luca Carlone and Frank Dellaert


A Rao-Blackwellized MCMC Algorithm for Recovering Piecewise Planar 3D Models From Multiple View RGB-D Images. IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, 2014

Natesh Srinivasan, and Frank Dellaert


High Frame Rate Egomotion Estimation, In Proceedings of International Conference on Computer Vision Systems, 2013

Natesh Srinivasan, Richard Roberts and Frank Dellaert