Sarah Cannon

College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology


As a current PhD student in the interdisciplinary Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization program working with Dana Randall, I study mixing times of Markov chains for certain systems with strong geometric properties; recent work has focused on rectangular tilings, graph colorings, and self-organizing particle systems. At the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford from 2012-2013, my MSc Dissertation in Mathematics and the Foundations of Computer Science with Andreas Döring examined mathematical generalizations of the spectral presheaf, a key tool in the topos approach to quantum computer science. Other research interests include computational geometry, graph theory, and tile self-assembly, which was the topic of my Senior Honors Thesis with Diane Souvaine at Tufts University.

My recent paper "A Markov Chain Algorithm for Compression in Self-Organizing Particle Systems" with Joshua Daymude, Dana Randall, and Andrea Richa was featured on Godel's Lost Letter and P=NP, a prominent theory blog. Check it out for an explanation of the model, the result, and some interesting connections to soft robotics.

Last year I spoke about about diversity and my experience at Georgia Tech in a video titled "Diversity at Georgia Tech: Faces of Inclusive Excellence," published by the Office of Institute Diversity.

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