Sudarsun Kannan

Klaus Advanced Computing Building, Rm. 3201
Georgia Institute of Technology
266 Ferst Drive
Atlanta, GA 30332-0765
sudarsun at gatech dot edu

I am a PhD student in College of computing advised by Prof Karsten Schwan and Dr. Ada Gavrilovska. I am a member of CERCS research group. I am interested in Operating Systems and specifically heterogeneous memory structures for operating systems. My current focus of work is about studying the impact of next generation non-volatile memories like PCM, Memristor to improve application performance.

Using Active NVRAM for I/O Staging - Sudarsun Kannan, Ada Gavrilovska, Karsten Schwan, Dejan Milojicic, Vanish Talwar, PDAC '11 (SC '11 workshop). (pdf)  
Cloud4Home -- Enhancing Data Services with @Home Clouds, Sudarsun Kannan, Ada Gavrilovska, and Karsten Schwan, ICDCS 2011 (pdf)  
VStore++: Virtual Storage Services for Mobile Devices, Sudarsun Kannan, Karishma Babu, Ada Gavrilovska, and Karsten Schwan, 
Rich Client Services using Persistent Memory (NVMW 2012)
MESSY –Library for Memory Consistency on 48 core Intel SCC (poster)

System and Method for Installation and Management of Cloud-Independent Multi-Tenant Applications, with Donahue, James E., Ho, Ricky,
Gore, Pradnyesh S. (US Patent Application No: 2012/0047,239)

Teaching Assistant - CS 4210/ CS8803 (Fall '11) Advanced Operating Systems(CETL Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award finalist)

Travel Grants
Non Volatile Memory Conference (NVMW 2012)
The 31st International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS 2011)
Non Volatile Memory Conference (NVMW 2011)

My COC Website (Same as this page)

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