About Graduate Student Council

We have listed some commonly asked questions about GSC below. If you have additional questions about GSC, please contact the current GSC Liaison. A listing of memebrs, including the Liaison, can be found on our GSC members page.

Question What is the Graduate Student Council?

The Graduate Student Council (or GSC for short) is comprised of graduate students interested in bettering the College of Computing. Our mission consists of three specific goals:

  • To represent the rights and interests of CoC graduate students at the College and Institute level.
  • To improve the Ph.D. and M.S. programs in the College of Computing for present and future students.
  • To foster a sense of pride and community among the students, faculty and staff of the CoC.
Students on the council are usually associated with one or more specific committees.

Question What are the current GSC committees?

There are a variety of committes currently maintained by different students. Some committes are mainstays of GSC (for example the GSC Liaison, PhD Recruiting, Faculty Recruiting, Seminars, and Grad Tea Czar) because events coordinated by these committees occur every year. Other committees (for example, RSI Coordinator and Space Planning) were created in response to specific student needs that the GSC was asked to addressed. We give a listing on a separate page of current committees and members.

Question How do I raise a problem that I have with the CoC or GT?

As mentioned above, many committees are developed with respect to specific needs or challenges faces by the graduate student population. One way that a problem is addressed is by coming to GSC meetings and raising your issue directly with the GSC (to find out when we hold meetings, please go to our meetings page). This may result in a new committee being created. If you would rather discuss your issue privately, please contact the appropriate committee member or the GSC Liaison (Liaison information can also be found on the committee members page).

Question Does that mean that the meetings are open to everyone?

Yes!! We encourage all students to attend the GSC meetings, even if you do not have any specific issues to raise. While we try our best to help keep the community abreast of the issues that we are facing by maintaing the webpage and completing our duties, the best way to find out what is going on is to gather the information directly from the source. Meetings also commonly feature free food :-)

Question What if I have a question that is not addressed on this page?

Please contact the GSC Liaison directly. Contact information can be found on the GSC members page.

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