Graduate Student Council Members

We have listed the current members of GSC below. If you have an issue not addressed by one of the committees, or you are unsure about who to contact, please contact the GSC Liaison directly. If you would like a description of what each committee does, please see the GSC responsibilities page. Note, there can be more than one student fulfilling a position, so if the position you would like is not open, please enquire regardless.

NOTE: To avoid spam, full email addresses are not listed. Add the phrase "" to the end of each email address. For example, if a listing says "George P. Burdell (gpburdie)" then the full email address would be ""


Member(s) (2011-2012)


Danesh Irani (danesh)

VP for CS

Samantha Lo (samantha)

VP for IC

Catherine Grevet (cgrevet3)

VP for CSE

Oded Green (ogreen3)

MS Representative


Chair Search CS

Priyanka Tembey (ptembey)

Chair Search IC


Faculty Recruiting IC

Brian O'Neill and Kim Weaver

Faculty Recruiting CS

Brian Railing

Faculty Recruiting CSE

Bill March

Grad/Undergrad Curriculum Committee

Dave Lillethun (davel)

Grad Women@CC

Denise Chew (ychew3), Catherine Grevet (cgrevet3), Chaitrali Amruktar (camrutk), and Samantha Lo (samantha)


Hank Carter (carter8), Brad Reaves (breaves3) and Danesh Irani (danesh)

Travel Committee

Mukil Kesavan (mukil) and Hrishikesh Amur (hamur3)

Ph.D. Orientation

Danesh Irani (danesh)

Ph.D. Job Hunting Seminar


RSI Lending Library

Brad Reaves (breaves3)

TSO Liaison

Adit Ranadive (adit262)

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