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Team Members: Chris Plaue & John Stasko

[GI Video Figure] We prepared a video figure for our Graphics Interface paper. This video provides a 3 minute overview of the project as well a demonstration of a BlooGoo collage. [12.2MB]

Video 1 [Download]

This video shows a BlueGoo collage for the news stories "China fears girl died of bird flu" and "Pope on the road to sainthood".

Images are displayed in collage format and move along predetermined random vectors. The alpha level of each element continually varies. When a collage times out, all elements gracefully fade out of view and the background color gradually changes to a new color. New elements are then slowly faded in

Notes: The size of the video needed to be kept within a reasonable size. Therefore, the quality is rather low. Furthermore, you may see a contextual menu present in the video. This just allowed the authors to force a change to a new collage without waiting for the system timer to time out. The system, when deployed, is automatic.

Video 2 [Download]

  This video shows a BlueGoo collage for the news stories "Technology economy in the slow lane", "Net boost for European football", "UK prefers broadband to dialup".

These videos are examples of collages that are borderline ambiguous in conveying information just via pattern-matched images. However, the incorporation of textual cues helps alleviate these ambiguities.

Note that this video was modified for demonstration purposes; each collage is up for a shorter-than-average period of time and video compression has resulted in a loss of image quality.