InfoCanvas: Information Art

Team Members: John Stasko, Dave McColgin, Todd Miller, Chris Plaue, Zach Pousman

Collection of Links
Below is a collection of articles, press releases, and interviews about the InfoCanvas project.

Georgia Tech press release - Overview of the project by Jane Sanders

BBC's "Go Digital" radio show - John is interviewed about the project. Look at the September 1 archive. Discussion of the project is at the very start of the broadcast and at about 17:40 into the telecast.

Technology Research News magazine - Article "Artful Displays Track Data" about the project

Tech Ranch Talks - Show about ambient information including comments from John's Art/Technology - Article "Information as Art" about project

Innovations report - Article "Software uses pictures to represent info people monitor" about project

Eureka alert - Press release about project

Advance for Health Information Executives - Article about project

International Sites


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