NFL Draft Vis: Exploring NFL Teams Draft History

Team Members: Se Yeon "Sally" Kim, Sakshi Pratap, John Stasko

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This visualization presents each NFL team's drafting history over the past 10 years, including the status and contributions of each player that they selected. The visualization shows all 32 teams at the top and allows selection of any to show that team in focus below. Each circle is a selected player. Inside the circle is the position of the player. Each circle is colored according to the mode of the system, with three modes available: player status (on team, on another team, out of leagure, etc.), lifetime number of starts by player, or a subjective value rating taken from pro-football-reference. The different modes can be selected in the upper right.

The system is interactive so that you can move your mouse cursor over a circle to learn more about that player. Clicking on a circle shows even further information about the player to the right. In addition, the individual circles for the different status types, games started, or values can be clicked on to turn them off/on in the display.

Data about the draft history and current team rosters is from and the games started and player valuations are from