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Rob Kooper


I'm in the Ph.D. program at the college of Computing here at Georgia Tech. I'm working in the Virtual Environments group. More specificly I'm working on the phobia project.

You can look at my resume. It will tell you what I've done sofar. You can also download a postscript version.

You can have a look at my list of publications or you can have a look at my Thesis which I converted to html. It is called Virtually Present: Treatment of Acrophobia by Using Virtual Reality Graded Exposure, a postscript version is available from


Fun stuff
Following are things that might relate to my work but not necessaraly. I did these things cause I had fun doing them I learned something in the process.

Newton archives
I'm the proud owner of a Newton and have lot's of fun downloading applictions to it. Biggest problem was finding the application. I solved this by creating a page that lets you search Newton archives.

Meta VR list
I've been working at Georgia Tech under supervision of Larry Hodges with VR. Looking around the WWW I found a couple of nice pages about VR. This made me create the Meta VR page.

Just to waste some time and learn X-windows programming I wrote a faces library. The idea is that your program can use the faces library to display a face that belongs to a person. To demonstrate this I wrote a program that scans your mailbox and displays the faces of every person that sends you mail.

But wasn't there already an faces program around? Yes, but this one uses gdbm to keep the faces in one file, instead of in lots of directories. This seems even to speed up the retreaval of the faces. The other thing I tried to do is to write a library that could easily be incorparated in other programs.

You can get the current version of libfaces (70Kb) from here.

Rob Kooper feet cam