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This is the VideoMeter. It shows you what's going on around Keith's desk. It is updated about every 30 seconds. (If you are using Netscape, this document will automatically be reloaded every 300 seconds.) The VideoMeter is smart enough to not update old frames when new frames are not different...this gives you something of a visual record of the recent past in the MCG Lab.

This is a graph of amount of activity (in terms of changed pixels) around Keith's desk for the last 240 sampling intervals. This is about 2 hours.

Sun Jun 11 17:41:19 1995

Sun Jun 11 17:45:35 1995

Sun Jun 11 17:46:06 1995

Sun Jun 11 17:51:51 1995

Sun Jun 11 17:55:06 1995

The VideoMeter was written by Ian Smith. There is a daemon which monitors the camera and writes out images periodically. The daemon is about 245 lines of C code, not counting the various device-dependent modules. The code for interfacing to the SunLabs DIME board was written by Alan Ruberg. The device-dependent stuff was horked out of Ron Frederic's NV source by Ian (for the DIME board) and Keith Edwards (for the VideoPix code).

Special thanks to SUN Microsystems for giving us the machines, DIME boards, and VideoPix boards that this was written on.

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