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The ENews Charter

To boldly go where no personalized newspaper has gone before...

"Paper" design of the Newscape newspaper


foley@cc.gatech.edu (Jim Foley)
jb121@prism.gatech.edu (Jay Bolter)
william.evans@lcc.gatech.edu (Bill Evans)
terry.harpold@lcc.gatech.edu (Terry Harpold)
pm2@prism.gatech.edu (Peter McGuire)
michael.sinclair@oip.gatech.edu (Mike Sinclair)
hudson@cc.gatech.edu (Scott Hudson)
msch@cc.gatech.edu (Matthias Schneider-Hufschmidt)
jkh@cc.gatech.edu (Jessica Hodgins)
abowd@cc.gatech.edu (Gregory Abowd)
tomo@cc.gatech.edu (Tomonari Kamba)
kb@cc.gatech.edu (Krishna Bharat)

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NewsWeeder (Neural Network Based News Filter)

The CMU WebWatcher Project

The Bellcore Latent Semantic Indexing Facility (check out their CHI 83-93 database - start the LSI interface and change database to CHI)

Lycos and WebAnts Projects at CMU (Paper)

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