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Action Figures, The Musical!


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Action Figures

Now you too can have a poseable action figure from Les Miserables, The Musical Sensation! Recreate your favorite scenes from this moving tale of love and death in 19th Century France. You can pretend that you are locking up Jean Valjean unjustly, or that you are shooting young Gavroche in the prime of his life. You can even steal the aceesories from the dead bodies. Change the plot of Victor Hugo's epic novel! Make young Cosette comit suicide, or have Javert wed Marius!

Now introducing the first four Les Miz action figures. They bend! They pose!

The figures are here, the adventure of a lifetime is waiting!

Jean Valjean is the tormented hero. Comes with loaf of bread and breakway chair.

Tormented Psyche Ooze not included.

Young Cosette is the sweetly irritating waif heroine. Wind her up and hear her sing "Castle on a cloud."

Painful Death To Cosette Kit not included.

Marius is the handsome, though bland, romantic lead.

Comes with no accessories.

Conrad Birdie is the Nation's #1 teen idol.

Comes with guitar and change of clothing. screaming fans not included.

Also try the NEW Les Miz "Lovely Ladies" line. Play out your favorite chorus numbers with these poseable prostitutes. Let your imagination run wild!

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