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Ribbons for Esoteric Causes

By Liam Feldman, Noel Rappin and Ross Garmil

Art by Matthew A. Cohen

In protest of being forced to graduate college and enter the real world.

Supporting the millions of innocent diarrhea victims in the world today. Sponsored by CRACT-UP.

Supporting the millions of fools who are, through no fault of their own, Chicago Cubs fans.

Commemorating Mobius strip history month

Supporting the millions of people who don't know what the hell all these ribbons mean.

Single Persons Against Valentine's Day.

Students against the exploitation of Rocky and Bullwinkle in the Taco Bell commercials.

Marking "Identical Twins are Individuals Too" Week.

Protesting the exploitation of innocent celery, lettuce, brussel sprouts, and other green leafy plants in laboratory experimentation. Sponsored by People for the Ethical Treatment of Vegetables.

Protesting the ban on Super Soakers in Boston.

Protesting violence against murderous third world dictators. Just because they commit genocide, does that make them bad people? Wear this ribbon on National Serbian Coming-Out Day.

This article originally appeard in Gravity Volume 3 issue 2 (May, 1993)

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