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Welcome To The First Level

Atari Video Game Quiz

By Aaron Greenhouse
The success of the Nintendo and Sega video game systems makes us at GRAVITY think of the machine that started it all: The Atari Video Computer System, a.k.a. the Atari 2600. That hallmark of late 70's/early 80's computer technology was in our homes when Nintendo was still peddling Donkey Kong. We went into our basement, found our old Atari, hooked it up, and wouldn't you know it, it still worked! The new home video game systems might have better games and better graphics, but they can't match the pure nostalgic pleasures of an old Atari 2600. How much do you remember about the games that you used to play on your Atarie. We have taken nine different Atari games. Below each screen are four possible titles for the game, see if you can name them all correctly. Have you played your Atari today?

a) It's a Bird

b) It's a Plane

c) It's a Cubist Blotch

d) Superman


a) Hangman

b) Star Control

c) Basketball

d) Volleyball


a) Night Driver

b) Night Stalker

c) Night of the Living-Dead Glow-in-the-dark Stickpeople

d) Knight Rider


a) Pong

b) Breakout

c) Super Breakout

d) The Rainbow Connection


a) Outlaw

b) Shoot-Out in Waco, Texas

c) Gunslinger

d) Two Men and a Cactus


a) Pac-Man

b) Ms. Pac-Man

c) Blinky's Revenge

d) Tron


a) Combat

b) Football

c) Dragon's Lair

d) E-Z Maze


a) Asteroids

b) Tiddly Winks

c) Jackson Pollack's Fun-Draw

d) Connect the Dots


a) Galaxia

b) Solarian

c) Attack of the Killer Squiggles

d) Space Invaders

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