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Associate Directors
Former Faculty
Suresh Menon
Combustion simulation and visualization. Parallel numeric computing.
Chuck Eastman
Design environments and databases. CAD. geometric modeling.
Tolek Lesniewski
CAD. Image processing. Visual databases. Director Imagine.
Arthur Murphy
Reading and training for adults. Web technologies for people with disabilities.
James Oliverio
Music, Composition, Director AudioLab.
Jean Wineman
VR and computer applications in architectural design and education.
Nelson Baker
Educational technologies for engineering: VR, UI, Spatial Representations.
Gregory Abowd
Ubiquitous computing, Mobile computing, Human-Computer Interaction, Software engineering.
Ron Arkin
Mobile robots and unmanned vehicles. Multiagent robotics. Learning.
Chris Atkeson
Intelligent Systems, Machine learning. Robotics.
Al Badre
Human Factors, Usability evaluation. Cultural context, HCI MS program.
Bobby Bodenheimer
Animation. Human Motion.
Levien de Braal
UI. Medical informatics. Computer graphics. Visualization.
Amy Bruckman
Virtual communities. Education Technology.
Randy Carpenter
Internet and World Wide Web
Irfan Essa
Computer Vision, Neuroscience, Cognition, Computational modeling.
Norberto Ezquerra
Computer vision, modeling and visualization. Medical imaging. Visual reasoning.
Ashok Goel
AI. Cognitive Science. Design knowledge. Agents.
Mark Guzdial
Educational technology. Project-based and collaborative learning.
Larry F. Hodges
Virtual environments. 3D HCI. Virtual reality exposure therapy.
Jessica Hodgins
Realistic animation of humans. Dynamic simulation. Robotics.
Frank Jiang
Fuzzy Logic & Neural Network, Data Visulization & Virtual Reality, Adaptive Control
Sven Koenig
Decision Making. Planning and Search. Learning.
Wendy Newstetter
Education. Linguistics.
Nancy Pollard
Animation. Human Motion.
Colin Potts
Design methods for interactive systems. Long-term collaboration.
Ashwin Ram
AI. Cognitive MM. Hardware and software agents. Machine learning. Natural language understanding.
William Ribarsky
Interactive visualization. Large databases: terrain, sci. business. VR.
Jarek Rossignac
Geometry. Collaborative CAD. Graphic interaction with complex 3D models.
Spencer Rugaber
Model-based UI generation. Software understanding.
John Stasko
Software and information visualization, HCI, programming environments.
Greg Turk
Computer graphics. Image processing. Developmental biology.
Brian Wills
Virtual reality, animation, geometric modeling, design tools, rapid prototyping.
Nick Faust
GIS. Remote sensing and image processing. Virtual GIS.
Mark Iken
Scientific Visualization, atomic physics modeling
Mary Trauner
Scientific Visualization
Andrew Pounds
High performance computing, scientific visualization.
T. Govindaraj
Human-centered automation in technologically complex environments.
Alex Kirlik
Psychological mechanisms underlying skilled human activity.
Christine Mitchell
HCI with complex systems. Model-based design of tutors.
Michael Sinclair
Multimedia. Simulation. 3D graphics displays.
Anne Balsamo
Information Design and Technology. Cultural impact. Bio-interfaces.
Jay Bolter
Hypertext in MM. Multimodal interfaces for writing and collaboration.
Matthew Causey
Performance/art/technology. Digital aesthetics. Media culture.
Richard Grusin
Visual representation. Digital culture. Electronic pedagogy.
Terry Harpold
Hypertext theory and design. GUI. MM. Digital culture.
Kenneth Knoespel
Communication. Long-distance learning. Graphic databases.
Peter McGuire
Software documentation. Multimedia design.
Joseph Petraglia-Bahri
Rhetoric. Cognitive Science.
Gregory VanHoosier-Carey
Computerized pedagogy. MM. Information design.
David Rosen
Collaborative engineering design and prototyping, Virtual Design Studio.
Richard Catrambone
Design of learning and training environments. Problem solving.
Gregory Corso
Adaptive automation and virtual reality.
Elizabeth Davis
spatial perception. VR. Assessment of computer displays.
Arthur D. (Dan) Fisk
Skills training. Effects of aging on performance and learning.


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