School of Aerospace Engineering

Suresh Menon
Combustion simulation and visualization; parallel numeric computing

College of Architecture

Chuck Eastman
Design environments and databases; CAD; geometric modeling

John Goldthwaite

Multimodal systems to enable blind users to access graphical material via haptic and audio output; tools assisting students with learning disabilities

Tolek Lesniewski
CAD; image processing; visual databases; director of IMAGINE group

Karen Milchus
Alternative computer input/output, accessible multimedia/Internet development; methods to make math and science accessible to students with disabilities

Lorraine Justice

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Nelson Baker
Educational technologies for engineering: VR, UI, spatial representations

College of Computing

Gregory Abowd
Ubiquitous computing, mobile computing, human-computer interaction, software engineering

Mostafa Ammar
Multicast communication and services

Ron Arkin
Mobile robots and unmanned vehicles, multiagent robotics, learning

Al Badre
Human factors, usability evaluation; cultural context, HCI MS program

Aaron Bobick
Machine perception of human activity, computer vision, cognitive science

Levien de Braal
User interfaces, medical informatics, computer graphics, visualization

Amy Bruckman

Virtual communities and educational technology

Frank Dellaert
Applied cognition, healthcare and human factors

Irfan Essa
Computational perception; computer vision; video/image-based modeling and interaction; intelligent and aware environments

Norberto Ezquerra

Computer vision, modeling and visualization; medical imaging; visual reasoning

Ashok Goel
Artificial intelligence, cognitive science; design knowledge; agents

Mark Guzdial

Educational technology; project-based and collaborative learning

Mary Jean Harrold

Program analysis for software tools and compiler optimatizations, software testing, including testing of object-oriented software, software engineering, and program visualization

Larry F. Hodges
Virtual environments; 3D HCI; virtual reality exposure therapy

Frank Jiang

Fuzzy Logic & Neural Network; data visualization & virtual reality, adaptive control

Sven Koenig
Decision making; planning and search; learning

Blair MacIntyre

Augmented reality, distributed virtual environments, ubiquitous computing, wearable computing

Beth Mynatt
Human-computer interaction, ubiquitous computing, augmented reality, auditory interfaces, assistive technology, everyday computing

Wendy Newstetter

Education and linguistics

Colin Potts
Design methods for interactive systems; long-term collaboration

Ashwin Ram
Artificial intelligence; cognitive MM; hardware and software agents; machine learning; natural language understanding

James Rehg
Computer vision; vision-based human sensing

William Ribarsky
Interactive visualization; large databases: terrain, sci. business; virtual reality

Jarek Rossignac
Geometry; collaborative CAD; graphic interaction with complex 3D models

Spencer Rugaber

Model-based user interfaces generation; software understanding

Chris Shaw

Virtual environments; two-handed user interfaces; scientific + geospatial + information visualization

Jonathan Shaw
GVU lab manager

Thad Starner

Wearable computing; contextual awareness

John Stasko
Software and information visualization; HCI; programming environments

Andrzej Szymczak

Geometry compression; computational topology; multiresolution modeling; and dynamical systems

Greg Turk

Computer graphics; image processing; developmental biology

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

David Anderson
Digital signal processing for speech and audio enhancement; signal processing for the hearing impaired; ultra-low power signal processing systems; Internet-based engineering education

Lonnie Harvel

digital content creation, distance learning, computer enhanced education

Georgia Tech Research Institute

Nick Faust
GIS; remote sensing and image processing; virtual GIS

School of Industrial and Systems Engineering

T. Govindaraj
Human-centered automation in technologically complex environments

Mark Iken
The study of relationships between classical chaotic physics and quantum mechanics at the Correspondence limit of Rydberg atoms and molecules/surfaces

Julie Jacko
The design, implementation, and evaluation of interactive computing systems

Christine Mitchell

HCI with complex systems; model-based design of tutors

Office of Information Technology

Mary Trauner
Scientific Visualization

Interactive Media Technology Center

Maribeth Gandy
Wearable and ubiquitous computing; computer vision; HCI; graphics; virtual environments; DSP and computer audio

W. Edward Price
Video indexing, high-bandwidth communications, educational media and use of technology in the humanities

School of Literature, Communication, and Culture

Jay Bolter
Hypertext in MM; multimodal interfaces for writing and collaboration

Diane Gromala
Interface and interactive design; VR; digital and visual culture; content creation for the web; multimedia; VR

Richard Grusin
Visual representation; digital culture; electronic pedagogy

Kenneth Knoespel
Communication; long-distance learning; graphic databases

Peter McGuire
Software documentation and multimedia design

Janet Murray
Interactive narrative, digital television, virtual reality, video games and hypertexts; interactive design, educational computing, Victorian studies applications of advanced computing environments

Alan Rauch

Victorian and Romantic literature, cultural studies of science, sociology of knowledge, cultural identities

Ellen Strain
History of immersive entertainment forms; multimedia interventions in film studies pedagogy; cross-cultural interface

Gregory VanHoosier-Carey
Computerized pedagogy; MM; information design

Sha Xinwei
Phenomenology of differential geometry; technologies of writing; visualization; gesture, speech and performance

School of Mechanical Engineering

David Rosen
Collaborative engineering design and prototyping, Virtual Design Studio

School of Psychology

Phillip Ackerman
Human abilities, knowledge and learning

Richard Catrambone

Design of learning and training environments; problem solving

Gregory Corso
Adaptive automation and virtual reality

Elizabeth Davis
Spatial perception; VR; assessment of computer displays

Arthur D. (Dan) Fisk
Skills training; effects of aging on performance and learning

Christopher Mayhorn

Applied cognition, healthcare and human factors

Wendy Rogers
Skill acquisition, human factors, training and cognitive aging

Bruce Walker
Human factors; human-computer interaction; sonification and auditory displays; interfaces for complex tasks; complex decision making; and dual task performance.

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