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Nick Faust

Principal Research Scientist,
Georgia Tech Research Institute

Nick Faust is a Principal Research Scientist in the Electro-Magnetics, Environment and Materials Lab of the Georgia Tech Research Institute. He received a B.S. in Physics in 1969 and, after working for the Johnson Spacecraft Center, returned to Tech and earned his M.S. in Geophysics in 1975. He has been employed by GTRI for 21 years and currently heads the Image Processing Branch at EOEML and is the Associate Director of the Center for Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Analysis Technologies. He specializes in the integration of visualization, remote sensing and GIS. He developed the concept of a virtual 3D GIS with a software system called GTVIEW, which led to a joint GVU project on the development of a real-time 3D GIS. We live in a 3 dimensional world, and the tools for interacting with that world with spatial data should also be 3 dimensional with potential for expansion into 4D (time).

Contact information:

    Nick Faust
    Graphics, Visualization & Usability Center
    College of Computing
    801 Atlantic Drive
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    Atlanta, GA, 30332-0280
    E-mail: nick.faust@gtri.gatech.edu


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