Q. Alex Zhao

I got married in September 1996. We welcomed our son in October 1999.

Memorable Places ...

Atlanta, Georgia -
Lots of trees. Nice location. We lived here for eight years.

Mountain View, California -
Needless to say, the weather is just fabulous. I was a summer intern at Silicon Graphics Computer Systems working with the CASEvision/WorkShopTM group in 1994, and at SunSoft working with Project DOE in 1995.

Tucson, Arizona -
You can almost immediately hear someone saying It's a dry heat ;-). In the spring of 1993, I got my Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Arizona.

Beijing, China -
This is where I really come from. Tsinghua University (my undergraduate school), is one of the most prestigious education and research institutes in China. The Overseas Tsinghua Alumni Directory is also on the Web. A local alumni association has been formed recently here in Atlanta. The Education and Research Networks WWW server contains lots of regional information about China, the Land of Beauty.

Interesting Places ...

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Chinese Music -
Music from mainland-China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. I personally like the ``Liang Zhu'' Violin Concerto best. The audio file is huge. Fortunately the archive keeper has a short 800KB sampler along with the complete 13MB version... The CD version (if you can get one) is much better.

HotWired, c|net, and the PathFinder -
On-line magazines for creative thinking and other weired stuff...

Humor Archives and The Comic Strip -
Funny things from all around the net.

2000 Subaru Forester L and 1996 Saturn SL2 -
Hmmm... I wonder what these are...

Useful and Important Places ...

Career Things -
Also PhDs...

AT&T 800 Directory -
Looking for a 1-800 number to call someone?

Rush there before April 15 every year.

Immigration and Naturalization Service.

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