The collected data is copyrighted by the Georgia Tech Research Corporation under the following conditions. Source: European World Wide Web User Profiles by Erik Granered.

General Demographics - Scandinavia

Survey question: What is you gender?
  • This percentage of women was normal in most of Western Europe.
Survey question: What is your current marital status?
  • This area had the highest divorce rates in Western Europe, and one of the higher percentages of single people.
Survey question: How many people in you household are dependent children?
  • These percentages reflected the European dataset averages with respect to dependent children.

Professional Demographics - Scandinavia

Survey question: Please indicate the highest level of education completed.
  • The educational level in this are was low compared to other areas of Western Europe, with only 29 percent reporting a masters degree or higher.
Survey question: Which of the following categories best describe your primary occupation?
  • Computers and education dominated as occupations in this area more than in any other area outside Eastern Europe.
Survey question: Please indicate your current household income in U.S. dollars.
  • There were comparatively few Web users in upper income brackets in this area, and the percentage of people earning less than $15K was large.

Computer Demographics - Scandinavia

Survey question: What is the nature of your primary access provider?
  • This region had the highest percentage of educational access outside of Eastern Europe. It also had the greatest use of commercial access.
Survey question: How long have you been on the Internet?
  • This region had the largest percentage of Internet users with more than 7 years of experience.
Survey question: Would you be willing to pay for information from WWW sites/databases? (Yes, No, Depends on Cost, Depends on Quality, Depends on Cost and Quality)
  • The response profile for this question was very much the same in all areas except Eastern Europe and Mediterranean countries.
  • Survey questiton: How many hours per week do you use your computer for work?
    • Scandinavians spend comparatively few hours on their computers at work, with 30 percent spending less than 10 hours.
    Survey question: How many hours per week do you use your computer for fun/play?
    • ...but when Scandinavians get home, they spend comparatively more time on recreational computing -- 28 percent spend more 10 hours per week.