GVU's Webmaster Questionnaire

Copyright 1996
Georgia Tech Research Corporation
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0415
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How many servers do you operate?
Which server(s) do you operate? (Please check all that apply.)
What is the speed of the network connection to your server?
That is, what is the speed of the first connection from your server to the network?

For roughly how many people do you maintain documents?
Do you mirror other sites?
Do you operate a proxy?
How much do you charge for companies to advertise on your pages?
Which of the following features of a Web server are most important? (Please check all that apply.)
Do you run a web server for internal distribution of information?
Which server(s) do you plan on operating in 6 months? (Please check all that apply.)

Please add any comments here.

This questionnaire was developed by: GVU's WWW User Survey Team (Jim Pitkow & Colleen Kehoe)