GVU's HTML Authoring &
Server Operator Survey Form

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Please estimate the number documents you have authored using HTML directly - that is, not using converters/and or translators.
Please estimate the number documents you have authored using converters to HTML, e.g. Webmaker, RTF2html, etc.
How many years of computer programming experience do you have, if any?
Do you operate a WWW/HTTP server?
In learning HTML, what sources of information did you use?
(Please check all that apply.)
How many hours did you spend learning the basics of HTML?
Which of the following topics have you authored documents on?
(Please check all that apply.)

Which of the following types of URLs do your documents contain?
(Please check all that apply)

Overall, learning HTML was:
Overall, learning FORMS was:
Overall, learning ISMAP was:
Overall, learning to write CGI scripts was:

Please add any comments here.

Adaptive Responses:

Below are the options listed for the adaptive portions.


Can you easily add documents directly to your organization's Web?


Which port does you server listen to?
Which server do you use?
What is the speed of the network connection to your server?
That is, what is the speed from the first connection from your server to the network?

For roughly how many people do you maintain documents?
Do you mirror other sites?
Do you operate a proxy?
How much do you charge for companies to advertise on your pages?
For more information or to submit comments:
send e-mail to www-survey@cc.gatech.edu.

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