GVU's Browser Usage Survey Form

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Georgia Tech Research Corporation
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Usage Restrictions

On average, how often do you use your WWW browser?
By this, we mean using your browser for a specific set of tasks or activities. We do not mean how many times you launch your browser per day.

On average, how many hours a week do you use your WWW browser?
What are the primary uses of your WWW browser?
(Please check all that apply.)
Which of the following connection speeds do you primarily use connect to the Internet? (round up if necessary)
If you access the Internet at home via a commercial provider, choose the speed from you to your Internet provider.
Would you primarily classify yourself as a search, text, or visually oriented user?
People browse the Web in many different ways. Please put a check against each of the following, if it accurately describes how you like to travel/browse across the Web.

How do you find out about WWW pages/sites?
(Please check all that apply.)
Approximately how many sites (pages/locations) does your hotlist/bookmark have?

How frequently do you save to disk WWW documents that you view?

How frequently do you printWWW documents that you view?

Media Type Preferences

Web sites provide a variety of resources. Please indicate how much you like/dislike a site which...

enables keyword searches of document in its collection?
provides many links to other related Web sites (meta indices)?
relies heavily on vidoes/movies?
relies heavily on embedded images?
relies heavily on sound/audio files?
relies exclusively on text?

Browser Usage

The WWW browser is a versatile tool. Please indicate how often you use the Web browser for each of the following:

instead of other/default Gopher and FTP browsers?
read network newsgroups?
access weather information?
to access information about commercial products/services?
access government documents?
access reference materials?
access research reports?
access financial information?
access on-line newspapers/magazines?
go shopping?

Please add any comments here.

For more information or to submit comments:
send e-mail to www-survey@cc.gatech.edu.

GVU's WWW Surveying Team
Graphics, Visualization, & Usability Center
College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology
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