GVU's Privacy Questionnaire

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When you view a page, you issue a request to a machine that returns the page to you. To the best of your knowledge, which of the following information is technically possible to record/log about your page request?
(Please check all that apply.)
In your opinion, what information ought to be collected for each page you request?
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Please complete the following statement. I would give demographic information to a Web site ...
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What conditions cause you to refrain from filling out online registration forms at sites?
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Recent attention has been given to mass electronic mailings (a.k.a. spammings) which often contain advertisements, political statements, get-rich-quick schemes, etc. In your opinion, which of the following policies most closely resembles your feelings about what should be done?
Please complete the following statement. Most of the time upon receiving a mass mailing, I ...

Please indicate your agreement/disagreement with each of the following statements.

There should be new laws to protect privacy on the Internet.

I support the establishment of key escrow encryption (where a trusted party keeps a key that can read encrypted messages).

Web sites need information about their users to market their site to advertisers.

Content providers have the right to resell information about its users to other companies.

A user ought to have complete control over which sites get what demographic information.

Magazines to which I subscribe have the right to sell my name and address to companies they feel will interest me

I like receiving mass postal mailings that were specifically targeted to my demographics

I like receiving mass electronic mailings

I ought to be able to take on different aliases/roles at different times on the Internet.

I value being able to visit sites on the Internet in an anonymous manner.

I ought to be able to communicate over the Internet without people being able to read the content.

I would prefer Internet payment systems that are anonymous to those that are user identified.

Third party advertising agencies should be able to compile my usage behavior across different web sites for direct marketing purposes.

There ought to be stricter laws to protect children's privacy than adult's privacy on the internet.

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This questionnaire was developed by:
GVU's WWW User Survey Team