GVU's Webmaster Questionnaire

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How long have you been performing/overseeing Web server activities?

How many servers do you operate?
Which server(s) do you operate?
(Please check all that apply.)
What is the speed of the network connection to your server?
That is, what is the speed of the first connection from your server to the network?
How much of your typical working day is spent performing Webmaster related activites?
What is the primary platform your WWW servers run from?
Which if the following types of gateways do you operate to control internal traffic to the Internet?
How much do you receive from advertising on your site per month?
Which of the following features of a Web server are most important?
(Please check all that apply.)
Do you operate a separate web site for internal distribution of information (i.e., Intranet)?
Which server(s) do you plan on operating in 6 months?
(Please check all that apply.)
Are you the sole Webmaster for your organization?
Which log files services/tools do you current use?
(Please check all that apply)

Do you like the title "Webmaster?"

Which of the following server functions do you know how to set?
(Please check all that apply)

Do you think that Common Log Format is adaquate for logging HTTP requests?

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This questionnaire was developed by:
GVU's WWW User Survey Team