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GVU's 8th WWW User Survey: WebTV

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The 8th survey drew about 2400 respondents (about 24%) from a special promotion with WebTV arranged by Donna Hoffman and Tom Novak, fellow internet researchers from Vanderbilt University. We felt that this would be an excellent opportunity to recruit a new set of participants to the survey and a way to reach out to a different segment of the web population.

Interestingly, respondents from WebTV share many of the same attitudes, behaviors, and demographics of the larger web population. We compared the responses of WebTV users and other users and in most cases, the differences were insignificant. For this reason, WebTV responses have not been removed from any of the questions. When there was a significant difference, that difference has been noted and explained.

Generally, the differences between WebTV respondents and other respondents are:

We feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity to catch a glimpse of what may be the next wave of new users coming to the web--the "internet appliance" segment.

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