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Special WWW6 Presentation

What an amazing 1179 days it has been since we first started GVU's WWW User Surveys in January of 1994. This was a time back before push technologies, Java, and even Netscape - back when the population was composed of a small number of mostly young, computer savvy, males. A lot has changed since then, as the population today more so reflects the demographics of the general population. As the population has changed, so have the surveys, as we've expanded our set of questions from being technology driven to incorporating questions on a variety of electronic commerce, data privacy, political, and other social issues.

This page contains a special presentation of the emerging trends of the WWW user population for the 6th International WWW Conference. A quick longitudinal analysis and commentary covering the past three years of growth is presented as well as the opportunity to explore the results of each survey in more detail.

GVU runs the surveys as a public service to the Web community every six months and all results and collected datasets are published online from: www.gvu.gatech.edu/user_surveys. Feel free to explore the data now, sometime later, or talk us in person at the conference.

Jim Pitkow &
Colleen Kehoe

Special WWW6 Presentation

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