Hiring in OneUSG Connect

We are not only changing our systems with the move to OneUSG, we are changing our processes as well. The Board of Regents – and therefore Georgia Tech — have placed more responsibility in the hands of managers, including faculty who manage student workers.

In the past, faculty were largely able submit a spreadsheet or some basic information and let their administrators handle the technical details of student hiring. Now, faculty must go into the system and complete the hiring process themselves for each student hired.

The hiring process has been overhauled, and is more complex than it used to be. Group position numbers no longer exist, which means you must deal with each person being hired separately. Also, the old PSF (Personnel Services Form) has gone away, and has been replaced with a more detailed Careers recruiting module for some hires, and a Direct Hire form for others.

There are two major components of the new hiring system: Position Numbers and Careers/Direct Hire Forms:

Position numbers:

  • Every employee, including every student employee, has their own unique position number. Before hiring anyone, including student employees, you must either request a new position number in OneUSG Connect, ensure an existing position number has all of the correct elements, or modify an existing position number.
  • When you modify an existing number, you must change any position attributes which may be incorrect, including funding account/worktag, reports to manager, pay group, percent time (which is basically the number of hours the person will work per week), etc.
  • You must have an active number and ensure all attributes are totally accurate prior to submitting the hire.  This is paramount because the position data will feed directly into Peoplesoft (PS).  This is done by going to Manager Self-Service (MSS) in OneUSG Connect.  You will then go to Manage Positions and then add/change request.  You will then have the option to create a new position or modify an existing position.  It will then go through an approval workflow before the number is created or modified.
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Careers module vs. Direct Hire Form

There are now only two ways to get an employee paid: through the Careers module or through the Direct Hire Form.

  • Careers is the recruiting module you would use if you were posting a job vacancy and getting an applicant pool from which you would select your hire. If you’re not posting a job vacancy, you don’t need to use Careers. If you must navigate Careers, the Human Capital Team can assist you as this is a multifaceted module of the hiring process.
  • The Direct Hire Form is what you will use for the majority of your student hiring. The form is located on the Manager Self Service tile in One USG Connect. You will fill out a DHF for each individual you plan to hire, and submit each form individually. There is a short approval workflow before the candidate is entered into PeopleSoft.

USG Resource: How do I submit a hire through the Direct Hire Form?