Due March 6 CS/PSY 6750 - Human-Computer Interaction Spring 2007

Homework 3: Speech Interfaces

The purpose of this assignment is to have you consider the issues involved in designing speech interfaces. You will call two different airline flight check systems and perform the following hypothetical task. Suppose that a friend of yours is flying in that day from Chicago to Atlanta on a flight departing around 1 pm. and arriving around 4 pm. Find the flight number and arrival time.

Try this task on two different airline services: Delta Airlines (1-800-325-1999) and American Airlines (1-800-223-5436). As you will see, these are two very different speech interface styles.

Call each service twice. On the first time, just perform the task to get a qualitative feel for how the interaction works. On the second time, count the number of responses you provide, errors you make, and total time duration of the call.

You should turn in a one page review of the audio interfaces created by the two airlines, critiquing their functionality, and suggesting possible improvements or alternate methods of implementing such a capability. Also report your counts and times.