Software Engineer - Perception

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Software Engineer - Perception
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Full Time
San Francisco, Bay Area
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In this role, you'll help us build novel architectures for classifying and understanding the complex and dynamic environments in our cities. You'll have access to the best sensor data in the world and an incredible infrastructure for testing and validating your algorithms. We are creating new algorithms for segmentation, tracking, classification, and high-level scene understanding, and you could work on any (or all!) of those components.

We're looking for engineers with advanced degrees and experience building perception pipelines that work with real data in rapidly changing and uncertain environments.

Masters degree in computer science or related field
Fluency in C / C++
Experience with modern computer vision techniques
Extensive experience with programming and algorithm design
Demonstrated ability to create functional realtime systems that solve difficult perception tasks
Experience handling large data sets efficiently
Strong mathematics skills and understanding of probabilistic techniques

Bonus Qualifications

Publications in your field (especially CVPR, ICCV, RSS, ICRA)
Experience with autonomous robots
Experience with realtime sensor fusion (e.g. lidar, camera, radar)
Experience with novel pipelines and architectures for convolutional neural nets
Experience with 3D data and representations (pointclouds, meshes, etc.)
Solid understanding of ROS


Zoox is developing the first ground-up, fully autonomous vehicle fleet and the supporting ecosystem required to bring this technology to market. Sitting at the intersection of artificial intelligence, robotics, and design, Zoox aims to provide the next generation of mobility-as-a-service in urban environments. We’re looking for top talent that shares our passion and wants to be part of a fast-moving and highly execution-oriented team.

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Apply online here: Or you can email me directly at
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Kris Gonzalez
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Tuesday, August 7, 2018
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Competitive Bay Area Salary
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Master’s Degree