Robotics Controls Intern for Aerial Robotics startup

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Robotics controls intern
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Atlanta, GA
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SkyMul is a robotics startup founded by Georgia Tech Robotics Institute alumni and ex-president of Robojackets club. SkyMul is developing novel aerial robotics solution for performing aerial manipulation task for various industries. Our primary market is in the construction industry. SkyMul was chosen as one of the top ten companies to participate in the Comcast NBC-Boomtown incubator at Battery Atlanta.

SkyMul is seeking robotics student interns with following qualifications.

- Working knowledge of Robot Operating System (ROS)
- Proficient in C, C++ or Python
- Understand linear controls with hands on experience in Simulink or other modeling framework.
- Entrepreneurial and go-getter attitude to getting things done
- Understand modelling and simulation of robots
- Ability to legally work in the US.

- Experience with non-linear controls
- Experience working on embedded hardware and robotic platforms
- Experience working with aerial robots
- Hands on experience with Pixhawk autopilot systems.
- Experience with image processing, visual servoing, etc
- US Citizenship or Permanent Resident

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Kindly send a CV and cover letter to We love checking out personal, academic and other projects that you have/are working on. We understand that many projects would be in different stages of completion , but encourage applicants to upload pictures/details etc of these and send it across to us.
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Eohan George
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Wednesday, January 30, 2019
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