Technical Ad Hacker Internship

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Technical Ad Hacker
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Atlanta, GA
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Description – DEVCON is a leading tech startup that developed an anti-virus application serving the multi-billion dollar online advertising ecosystem. This internship will expose interns to the technical side of the online advertisement industry, DEVCON’s base application and our skilled workforce. The internship will run for the duration of the Spring 2019 semester. Interns selected will be eligible for renewal (to continue with DEVCON for the Summer) upon completion of the semester.

Internship Responsibilities – Document and test new software | Assess new application ideas | Research competitor offerings | Develop applications (coding, programming, and debugging) | Work a flexible schedule outside a traditional “Monday-Friday, 9-5” time frame

Essential Skills – Work well with others for interpersonal engagement success | Establish priorities, identify resources and personnel necessary to excel with a plethora of projects | Understand and disseminate complex data information | Possess an attentiveness to detail and the willingness to learn via “on the job” training

Preferred Technical Skills – Experience with web development (including HTML/CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, Python and Responsive Design), SQL queries, pen testing (experience with Burp Suite is preferred), data analytics, and/or application design and development.

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E-mail Michael F. D. Anaya at
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Michael F. D. Anaya
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Start Date: 
Tuesday, February 5, 2019 to Saturday, June 8, 2019
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Amount TBD but it will be a paid internship