Cofounder for Startup (iOS and Android Developer)

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Mobile Developer (iOS and Android)
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My name's Shah Mirza and I'm a CS student who's spent the last few months making an app to help students socialize on campus called Bubble. The website is Basically, it lets you interact with anyone else using the app in a vicinity by creating a chatroom confined to a circle you create by tapping on a map. For example, a student could open the app at North Ave and tap to create a "Bubble" over the dining hall. They can then send and receive any chats sent to that area in realtime.

I made the Android version but I'm looking for someone who knows iOS to be my partner and help me make the iOS client and be a potential cofounder for this project if it takes off. Please send an email with your resume to if you're interested. Thanks for reading this and have a great week!

-Experience with iOS and Android Development
-Preferably close to graduating

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Send an email with your resume to
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Shah Mirza
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Sunday, February 10, 2019 to Friday, May 10, 2019
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