Marketplace IOS application coder for a 501c3 organization

Job Title: 
IOS Coder
Job Type: 
Part Time
Work from home
Qualifications/Job Description: 

Job Description:
Looking to hire a IOS coder to bring the publishing, painting, and other artforms to the app store.
To find out more about the position email
We are looking to hire an IOS coder to start in the near future or during the summer term.
Experience in designing and building applications
Ability to program in at least one programming language such as C#, Java (J2EE) etc.
In-depth knowledge of programming for diverse operating systems and platforms using development tools
Excellent understanding of software design and programming principles.
A team player with excellent communication skills
Analytical thinking and problem-solving capability
Great attention to detail and time-management skills

Company Name: 
Helping Hand Publications Inc.
How To Apply: 
Send an email with your contact information to
Contact Name: 
Joshua Sachmechian
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Start Date: 
Wednesday, March 13, 2019
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